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Jonathan Mayo

I am many things to many people, to include being a father, husband, brother, son, believer and friend. I married when 20, graduated college, earned my commission, and continued into active duty service as an artillery officer while also making it my personal mission to repopulate the earth. Thankfully my wife and I adjusted course after our 4th son was born (within 3 years) and our personal fireteam was established.

I left the glorious freedom machine that is the army in order to strengthen said marriage and the opportunity to invest in the little barbarians some call children. Unsatisfied with “normal life” we bought a small ranch after ping ponging back and forth across the country for one last time. Then after many painful, self inflicted mental wanderings and physically demanding “projects” I decided to co-found Soar Solutions in order to create the opportunity to once again serve those who stand for what they believe in regardless of the barrier, excuse, or cost. 


Kirk Van Everen

When asked to define myself, I believe that you are the sum total of your life’s experiences. Every decision you have made, every lesson you have learned, every interaction you have had...all of these things contribute to this identity. Reflecting on this I would say that I am a boundlessly motivated thrill seeker, devoted friend, loving brother and son, student of the world, and sheepdog of American values.

In my short time on this earth, I have been fortunate enough to have already lived an amazing life, filled with excitement, fear, loss, love, and inspiration. I grew up in a wonderful, hard working family in New York where I was inspired to attend West Point and pursue a life of service. Following college, I was commissioned into the Army as an artillery officer and immediately shipped off to my first duty station in Vicenza, Italy. I spent 3 years jumping out of perfectly good planes and traveling the world to both wonderful and terrible places. I was surrounded by all walks of life, incredible warriors, scholars, and friends and I could not be more grateful for that opportunity, as it forever changed how I saw the world. 


Shortly after graduating from Ranger School, I returned to the United States, and adopted two golden retrievers because who doesn’t love dogs (Annabelle and Hobbes). I spent 3 years living in beautiful Colorado where I had the opportunity to command the great men and women of our Army. It was here that I met Jon and his wonderful family, who immediately took me in and our friendship was forged. Fueled by my fascination with the world, I decided to accept one more assignment, this time lacing up my boots in Germany. 


Looking for a change, and a different but meaningful way to give back and continue to serve, I co-founded Soar.