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Frequently Asked Questions


What is our Mission?

It is our mission to equip, and empower you to indomitably strike out into the frontiers of your life in order to tame the wild, create value, and defeat the obstacles that wish to destroy you as we build an ever brighter future. With this mission in mind, we striving to create products that solve problems that don't have solutions, or are inadequately being adressed. We are not just a supplement company, we are probelm solving company. We want to inspire others to create value in this world armed with greater tools to do so.

When were we established?

Soar Solutions Limited was established on July 23, 2020.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a wide variety of payment options through our store.

Where are we located?

We are headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains.

How can I contact you?

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or want to reach out for any other reason, you can contact our team at, or through our Contact Us Form located HERE.

What is Soar Solutions?

Soar Solutions is the company that strives to creatively solve problems that fetter the Indomitable Spirit. We are currently accomplishing this through a line of healthy, performance based supplements and high quality functional products. We will not stop our pursuit to create value and share that value with our community. If you have a suggestion of a problemset you would like to see us tackle, please let us know!


What is Sisu Stamina?

Sisu Stamina is the first of its kind performance energy chew. First of its kind? Yup, because Sisu stamina is both Healthy AND Effective. Sisu Stamina provides a adequatley potent dose of each of the nootropic, adaptegen ingredients that comprise this Superfood Chew. This potent performance blend delivers to you the mental and physical energy and resilience you need to become indomitable.

Is Sisu Stamina safe?

Sisu Stamina is created from natural ingredients by an NSF and GMP registered dietary manufacturing company. Every ingredient was painstakingly chosen and vetted to cut out all extraneous chemicals and artificial shortcuts we see used in our competitors. As with any supplement, we recommend moderation and that you should take into consideration your sensitivity to caffiene. Each chew is roughly the strength of a cup of coffee.

Why should I choose Sisu Stamina over other stimulants?

Let's face it, there are plenty of others stimulants out there on the market, but your health matters, and you care about what you put in your body. We started with this in mind when we designed Sisu Stamina and have carefully determined eachingredient so you have the peace of mind when you take it. Using natural ingredients our product provides a potent package of mental and physical benefits that simply don't exist on the market today. Sisu Stamina takes into consideration your comprehensive wellbeing and performance. Our blend delivers an immediate boost of extrememly smooth energy, improves your ability to focus on tasks, and improves your overall mood. We arent about manic, jittery energy. We are about healthy, focused, collected performance. This is the performance chew for the health conscious professional.

Can I still drink coffee?

If you like! Sisu Stamina is a comprehensive energy solution, as such we recommend that you try it by itself first. However it is designed and formulated so that you can integrate it into your normal daily rhythm. Just keep in mind that one serving of Sisu Stamina contains the same amount of caffiene as a standard cup of coffee (100mg's).

Why is Sisu Stamina a Chewable Tablet?

Sisu Stamina is a chewable tablet for the following reasons: 1. To maximize the transportability of Sisu Stamina (take with you anywhere, anytime!) 2. To maximize the effectiveness of every serving (a chewable tablet is better absorbed by your body). 3. To ensure the needed effects are experienced as quickly as possible (another benefit is that the body can absorb the benefits more swiftly once chewed). 4. To provide you a unique and memorable experience.

Can I use Sisu Stamina for studying, driving, before a workout or for my demanding job?

YES! Sisu Stamina is a comprehensive energy supplement. Formulated to help you live life to the fullest. Regardless of whether you need to to conduct a surgery, teach a class, present a brief to the executive counsel, hit the gym, or execute a mission over sea's. Sisu Stamina has your back and will equip you to push into the fray.

How do I know that Sisu Stamina is working? Is it effective?

We have to assume you have not taken it. Here is what you can look forward to: -Smooth, balanced and controlled energy. -Enhanced Razor Focus. -Increased Stamina. -Improved mood. -Greater resilience to stress. -100% Gluten Free Designed to ensure: -Zero Jitters. -Zero Dingles. -Zero Sugar. -Zero Garbage.

I do not like the taste, but I love the effects. What can I do?

You can swallow it! Sisu Stamina is designed to give the control to you. Sisu Stamina has a citrusy, mildly sweet, earthy flavor profile. Many people love it. Many more learn to enjoy it. But some do not think the proverbial juice is worth the squeeze. That is one reason why we decided on a smaller 2 tablet serving. First, if a serving is too strong, you can take half. Second, if you have not learned to love the taste, you can swallow it!

How should I take Sisu Stamina?

Chew, Suck, or Swallow, Sisu Stamina will deliver the same great effects to you, every time with only slight differences depending on how you choose to take it. -Chewing will apply the effects of Sisu Stamina the fastest. -Sucking and Swallowing will require a slight bit longer for you to feel the benefits of Sisu Stamina.

How many Chews are in a bottle?

There are 60 servings which equals 120 chewable tablets.

What is Sisu Stamina made of?

Sisu Stamina is a nutrient-dense forumulation of superfoods, natural nootropics and effective adaptogens. Combining some of the world's most renowned ingredients for enhanced cognitive funciton, physical performance, and increased resilience to stress. The ingredients are carefully selected to ensure: NO aritificial flavors. NO preservatives. NO performance killing sugars. NO synthetic coloring agents. NO unnecessary additives.

Is Sisu Stamina 100% Gluten Free?


How is Sisu Stamina different than other energy supplements?

Sisu Stamina is a full spectrum energy solution. Most products rely on dangerously high levels of caffeine (as high as 300 MG's per serving!). Additionally, most other companies stuff there products with everything under the sun to make a impressive label, but the dosages are minimal and uneffective (sometimes as low as 5-10% the effective dosage). Sisu Stamina is different, we insure that every serving provides an effective dosage of each of the 5 funcitonal ingredients. This provides you exactly what you need to push into the fray, and why it is made for the indomitable.

Can I combine Sisu Stamina with other stimulants (such as energy drinks, pre-workout or other energy supplements)?

Sisu Stamina is excellent by itself! However you can combine it with other natural energy supplements. That being said, we do not recomend that you combine Sisu Stamina until you have tried it alone. Take caution and keep in mind that each serving contains 100mg of natural caffiene.

Is Sisu Stamina safe to take with my multi-vitamin or mineral supplements?

YES! Unlike most supplements ours is not stuffed full of unnecassary ingredients, to include vitamins and minerals that do not support Sisu Stamina's targeted mission. Additionally most of our ingredients support your body and operate on a different system then common vitamin supplements. HOWEVER, This being said, please consult with your doctor prior to mixing Sisu Stamina with your other supplements if you are concerned. We are not medical professionals and therefore it is your responsibility.

Can I take Sisu Stamina if I have a medical condition?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this. Though we have experts, chemists and professionals help us with every step of formulation we cannot provde specific medical advice. Please consult your doctor or a equivelant medical professional prior to taking Sisu Stamina.

Can use of Sisu Stamina cause dependency or other negative side effects?

Simply put, no. Studies on the ingredients used in Sisu Stamina have no demonstrated negative effects. Sisu Stamina is developed to provide a more effective and healthy alternative to energy drinks, pre-workouts and other energy or focus supplements. As a general rule it is always advisable to take time off of supplementation periodically. For Sisu Stamina we recommend taking at least a couple of days off per month.

Can I overdose on Sisu Stamina?

It would be hard. Sisu Stamina is formulated for you to integrate into your normal daily rhythm while providing you a healthy, effective boost in performance. We recommend that you do not take more than 3 servings daily to avoid potential undesirable effects such as restlessness, nervousness or upset stomach.

Will Sisu Stamina show up on a drug test or doping test?

NO. Absolutely not. We have developed Sisu Stamina to be compliant with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) and contains only natural, safe effective ingredients. So rest assured what you that you have found a tool that you can use for years to come.

Is Sisu Stamina good for you?

Yes. Unlike aggressive energy drinks, pre-workouts and other energy supplements Sisu Stamina is engineered to provide you with what you need, when you need it. Due to this you can feel secure knowing you are supporting your bodies natural functions, and working with it to improve output. Finally, a energy solution that you can feel good about using for decades to come.