“Bringing Sisu to Soar Solutions”

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

What is Sisu?

After scouring a multitude of definitions, we define Sisu as:

“Dauntless determination, courage, and grit in the face of extreme adversity. An action based personal ownership mindset which enables individuals to reach beyond their present limitations, take action despite all odds, and transform barriers into frontiers of opportunity. An integral element of Finnish culture and universal capacity we all share.”

Kirk and I have been playing with a variety of concepts as we have sought out the name for our first product while building Soar Solutions. Our product is a tool that will help us keep going and give more even when we think we are giving everything we got. We have been playing with words such as endurance, indomitability, strength, and resilience. We want our product to embody the American spirit in a way that embodies the “go get them, no quit, refusal to give an inch to defeat” mentality especially when victory is attainable. We want to spark and encapsulate the idea of rising above obstacles, of eclipsing difficulty, of overcoming adversity.

As we have explored different ideas we came upon the Finnish concept of Sisu. Sisu is an integral element of Finnish culture and largely considered to be the embodiment of the Finnish spirit. It has historical significance that spans centuries and invokes pride as it reminds and encourages the Finns that they can overcome any obstacle. Whether the obstacle is finding oneself incredibly underhanded at war, or braving the harsh, long, dark winters. Sisu is a beacon of defiant hope, bravery, and indomitability.

As Kirk and I continued to study Sisu, we fell in love with the concept because in one word the Finn’s encapsulated the ideas that we want to inspire and call forth with our company. Sisu means good old-fashioned grit, intestinal fortitude, and mental resilience. Sisu means that we demonstrate the guts and bravery to do the hard thing, even when no one is looking. Sisu means that we continue forward. Sisu embodies the indomitable free spirit. And in this context, we proudly thank the Finnish people for creating a word so potently rich with meaning and we tip our cap to them as we adapt it for use to encourage our community.

We happily present to you our first product, Sisu Stamina. The first of its kind, performance chew. Load up, push into the fray, give no ground.

Sisu Stamina, For the Indomitable.

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