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Soar Solutions | Sisu Stamina

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Aaron D.

Businessman | Veteran

"Soar Solutions has empowered me to push past boundaries I didn't think were possible! I have tried so many supplements that promise realistic results and been prescribed things that didn't touch the true capability of the all natural energy, performance, and cognitive excellence that Sisu Stamina provided me. I never crashed and did not have to feel the post jitters that are so common with other products. I'm excited for this product and more to come! I am completely sold on what Soar Solutions is doing and can't wait for the future of what they continue to produce!" 


Paula F.


"My profession involves a lot of quick thinking and responsibility. They key is focus. When I first heard about Sisu, the idea of a very quick boost of energy enthused me most - and it worked. I could just pop it into my mouth between two appointments, felt the effect after 10 minutes and I even noticed my mood lifting up. 
I will definitely use it again and am curious to find out how it will work as a pre workout supplement."

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Dave K.

Dad | Veteran

"As a father of two young kids with a very demanding work schedule, I need all the help I can get just to keep my energy level high enough to get through my daily routine. I have tried everything from narrow diets, pre-workout, energy drinks, coffee, all of which I love, but I couldn’t find anything that gave me the right boost to push my body to its limits until I found Sisu Stamina. It’s all natural, keto/natural diet friendly, filled with critical daily vitamins/minerals and has none of the drawbacks like itchiness, jitters, or crashing that other supplements have. Despite being busier than I’ve ever been, I’m also achieving new levels of fitness and have more energy to dedicate to my kids. Sisu stamina, SOAR solutions, the GRIT Theory podcasts, these guys get it."


Victoria M.

“Soar Solutions makes me rethink each decision I make by challenging my beliefs and pushing me to be my best self. I love how inspiring the company is - they make sure to remind their community that no one should stay comfortable in the status quo and encourage us to push ourselves to be the absolute best we can become on a daily basis! Soar’s Sisu Stamina Energy Chew is the first energy product I can take that doesn’t make me sick or shaky!! I am looking forward to what they come out with in the future.” 



Sara W.

Businesswoman | Veteran

“My name is Sara Walker and I am an outdoor enthusiast. I am constantly on the go and want to adventure as much as possible. I currently live full time in a camper and I will say traveling in the winter plus snowboarding every other day is exhausting. My first time trying SISU was on a snowy day after a restless night of sleep. Because of the 8 inches of snow we received that night, I had to go out and shred that fresh pow pow. Tired but anxious, my husband agreed to come with me. He handed me SISU STAMINA and I took it immediately and without hesitation. I needed energy. However, my experience was unmatched by any other energy substance. I felt great, sharp, and overall very confident. I didn’t feel gross, like I do after drinking an energy drink. I felt like I could do anything on that mountain. Every muscle was engaged and my mind was clear and on it! I asked my husband if I looked as good as I felt. He definitely lied. But if I did look as good as I felt, I was the female version of Sean White.”


Grace W.

“Soar Solutions is a company like no other. They actively display the discipline to create, the drive to be better, and the heart to achieve, They are constantly finding new ways in which to push the mind and body for optimal performance. They have created an atmosphere of perseverance and authenticity. At its core, Soar Solutions is real and raw and will actively change your life if you let it.”

World Traveler | Mother